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Uncle John's Farm Stand

Our farmers pick tree ripened fruit and vine ripened vegetables from the Palisade, Colorado growing region.

Visit our farm stand on Highway 9, in Frisco, CO, at the entrance to the Marina, or on Highway 9, in Silverthorne, CO, 1/4 mile North of I-70.

Our farm stands are open daily from 10am until 7pm starting late June through late October. Our online store is always open!

Highway 9 Frisco, CO at the Marina entrance & Highway 9 Silverthorne, CO 1/4 mile N of I-70. Open daily 10am until 7pm, late June-November. Always open online!

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Hello & welcome to Uncle John’s Farm Stand!

We are excited to be bringing you the freshest, most delicious Colorado produce with two locations; one in Frisco, in front of the marina, and one in Silverthorne, 1/4 mile N of I-70, at the entrance to the Silverthorne Town Center. We will be open this season 7 days a week from 10a – 7p, from June 26th until October 31st, weather dependent.

At Uncle John’s, we strive to bring the best Colorado food directly to the mountains here in Summit County with the emphasis being from the Palisade growing region. If you have any requests or questions please feel free to contact me, Chris Brower, at 970-485-4020 or by email at fresh@unclejohnsfarm.com. You may also sign up by email to receive our newsletter filled with recipes, new arrivals, valuable nutritional information and sale items.

We will continue to provide local organic and non-organic produce. LOCAL (w/in a 200 mile radius) being our focus, is based upon our belief that where our food comes from matters to us, the next seven generations and our Mother Earth. We have conscientious farmers that grow for us & who rely on us to bring the goodness of their hard labor and closeness to Mother Earth to you & a public who demands an alternative to conventionally marketed produce.

We are happy to bring to you Colorado all natural, grass fed Highlands beef which is low in saturated fat & high in omega’s, a wonderful variety of greens from Morales Farms, a 4th generation grower from The Fraser Valley, Anasazi beans, black beans & popcorn from Adobe Milling in Dove Creek, Palisade cherries, apricots, their infamous peaches, tomatoes, Olathe corn, melons, fresh baked goods & jerky. We believe that in shopping locally we all can make a positive contribution to our local economy and a vanishing way of life, that of the Colorado small farmer.

We started Uncle John’s Farm Stand in 2005 because we believe it matters where our food comes from. We have lived here in Summit County over 20 years and have a family with two children. We believe we owe it to them and to you to provide the best possible nutrition in life with good, clean food and mountain living to nourish bodies, minds and spirits.

Thank you for your interest and your continued support. We look forward to another bountiful season providing you with all the best of Colorado!

Owners Chris & Suzanne Brower
Uncle John’s Farm Stand Est. 2005